Sundew cultivation

About round-leaved sundew

Round-leaved sundew is a perennial herb belonging to the plant family Droseraceae. This herb is used as medical herb for the manufacture of phytopharmaceuticals and homeopathic remedies. The main area of application is the treatment of airway disesaes (asthma, bronchitis, whooping cough and cough).

Conservation threats to sundew

Round-leaved sundew is a protected species in Europe and collection of wild plants (without special permission) is currently practised only in Finland. Manufacturers of phytopharmaceuticals rely on supplies from wild populations, as cultivation of sundew is only practised at a very small scale and in minor amounts.

Uncertainty for future supply

The limited supply of sundew as a protected species from wild populations carries the risk of uncertainty for supply and procurement of the herbal drug in the future. Alternative drugs like Drosera madagascariensis come often from overseas countries that with uncertain political situations.

We have the solution to these problems!

ince 2012 our team is working to develop a sustainable farming method for sundew. Meanwhile we were successful to establish a peat-sparing and climate-neutral cultivation method that would help to protect wild populations from overexploitation. The new farming method can provide the industry with a certain and reliable source of herbal drug raw material. Moreover, cultivating medicinal plants results in more homogenous content of pharmacological active substances which esier facilitates documentation and standardisation of herbal drugs.

Research has shown that the sundew plants from test fields had concentrations of pharmacological relevant compounds (7-methyljuglone und plumbagin)required by industry standards. Additionally contains round-leaved sundew Drosera rotundifolia eight times more of the relevant chemical compounds than imported sundew species such as D. madagascariensis.

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