Dr. Jenny Schulz

Dr. Jenny Schulz, CEO
Motivated to contribute to the conservation of endangered species I completed a degree in biology specialising in wetland ecology followed by a PhD degree in Geopraphy. For many years I worked in projects that had conservation of wetlands at their core, among them research into the cultivation of peatmoss as a sustainable alternative substrate for the horticultural industry. The experience from this project forms the basis for our new project to cultivate sundew.

Balazs Baranyai

Balazs Baranyai, CEO
Early in life I developed a keen interest and enthusiasm for the natural world which led me to complete a degree in nature conservation, followed by a PhD studentship (ongoing) in biology. As a professional in conservation I worked in projects that involved sustainable management of biological resources.
Since 2006 my work included conservation and reproduction of endangered and protected plant species in Hungary and Germany.  2012 I started a postgraduate degree researching cultivation methods for sundews in Europe aiming for a commercial but sustainable method to farm sundew.

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